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Two ghostbusters are appointed to find a missing person. One has a radar, the other is investigating the abandoned place. Both have to cooperate in order to success the mission.

In our game you play the two ghostbusters. The first player personify the one in the abandoned boarding school. The second has to lead him through the place using a radar.

To the experience and immersion, it is important that the two players are separate and not in the same room.

This game is a 10 minutes experience.

Team : Maxime Aupetit - Amélie Bailly - Yanis Berry - Quentin Guerrero - Matthieu Henot - Clémentine Plissonnier - Olmo Riedinger - Maxime Touchon

Install instructions

Death is Silent require two microphone (one for each player) and a headphone.

You can play with a oculus rift if you activate the checkbox in the menu.

The player hosting the game is the player with the light (and not the radar).


Death_Is_Silent_V2.zip 218 MB


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It seems interesting. Haven't this one in singleplayer mode?

Hello! How do i play with my friend because we  press on heberger then i get his ip and press rejoindre and nothing else. It just gets me to the main menu! Help!!!!

I have the same problem, please help. 

I'd like to help with translating the game,

i can translate it to English and Polish.

votre jeu est génial je me suis jamais autant amusé sur un jeu d'horreur